hampton bay ceiling fans parts on the net

04/02/2015 19:54

Quite a few men and women request replacement components for Hampton Bay Ceiling fans. Some replacement components are generic, see Ceiling Fan Replacement Components for much more details. Other folks are only out there direct in the manufacturer. See our support forums & FAQs for extra help with troubleshooting any Hampton Bay Replacement Part, wiring, accessory ot other related issues.

hampton bay ceiling fans parts on the net

We do have replacement Hampton Bay remote controls out there below. To determine which remote will work with your Hampton Bay ceiling fan, try the following.

Home Depot has these remotes as well. Often times, they can tell you over the phone which remote will work with your fan. Once you have this info, you can purchase the remote from us if they don't have it.

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However, we do offer, on this site, some replacement remote control parts for Hampton Bay fans. These include remote/receiver kits, for replacing the remote system in a fan in which this is separate, a wall control for adding fan control in place of a light switch for your Hampton Bay remote controlled ceiling fan, and a Universal Remote, designed to replace the remote control for almost any fan model, as well are your entertainment system.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades & Replacements

If you have a wrecked ceiling fan blade, or a lot more than one, we can help you to replace those blades on your ceiling fan. Typically, you'll need to purchase some replacement blades that match the decor and color scheme of your current fan. You don't necessarily have to purchase original blades that are made specifically for that fan. Of course, it is better if possible - but it's not always possible depending upon which fan you have.

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Just keep two things in mind. First, the replacement blade that you purchase has to be of the same blade span as the other blades. Second, as mentioned - colors need to match. You can buy a universal replacement blade if the colors match up. If your ceiling fan has an intricate design or other on the blades, than you'll need the original blades that come with the fan. For this, we recommend to talk to Home Depot as we are limited in the number of blades we are able to get from distributors and pass onto you.